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Typically, our flagpole installation services work as follows:

Our installation experts will assess the flagpole’s location to determine the correct size, height, and type of flagpole required. They may also look for potential roadblocks or underground utilities that may interfere with the installation process.

The installation team will then prepare the installation site by drilling a hole for the flagpole, pouring a concrete base, and securing any required hardware. The flagpole is then raised into position and secured with bolts or other hardware.

After the flagpole has been securely installed, the installation team will typically install any extra hardware or accessories, like pulleys or lighting, ensure that the flag is attached correctly, and finally, clean up the work site.

Overall, the process will differ depending on each project’s specific needs and prerequisites, but these are the general steps involved in our flagpole installation services.

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John Connors Signs & Repairs

Licensed and Insured and has been performing all phases of sign work and Flagpole Installation and Service for over 40 years.

Sign Installation and Maintenance

Sign Surveys
Light Crane Service to 60′ – Pole Erection
LED Conversion and Repairs

Complete Flagpole Maintenance

Install new rope or cable for broken halyards (interior or exterior flagpoles) Replace trucks & pulleys to ensure the flag rotates, raises & lowers as intended.

Complete Flagpole Repair

Winch repair & maintenance.
Cleats & counterweight repair or replacement.
Beaded retainer ring repair or replacement.
Snap hook to repair or replacement.

Complete Flagpole Painting Services

Flagpole painting to make it look brand new & prevent rust.
Flagpole rust removal to extend the overall life of the pole.


The primary step before flagpole installation is getting a flagpole permit or sign permit as per the requirements.

Flagpole Climbing

Flagpole climbing isn’t child’s play. You require properly equipped experts to do it. It is usually needed to reach the top of flagpoles to access the rope or pulley or repair the missing or damaged parts.

Flagpole Sales Service

Flagpoles must be regularly maintained and kept in proper working condition for both your safety and the public’s safety.

How it_s work

How It Works

Installing a flagpole requires proper knowledge of some essentials. If you aren’t familiar with it, we’re right here to help you with it!

No matter how complex or basic, we provide all kinds of flagpole installation services based on your needs. Right from assisting you in finding the right location to fitting the right kind of pole in your selected location, we can do it all. Once the location is finalised, we assess and drill the right hole for placing the flagpole and then we help to fill the cement base properly, and then eventually put together all the fastenings and bolts of the pole to ensure a solid structure.

How it_s work

How It Works

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